Ciáran C.


Them film thoughts

As I sit here making the selections for the second part of the BWOYS project, it occurred to me that I'm still with holding perhaps the best part, for me, of the initial project. The film images and the experience of shooting film on my first project.

This was the first time using my Mamiya RB67 and 50mm lens combination on a shoot, I think it works out to give the field of view of 28mm lens on 35mm format. Excitement overcame me with each clap of the shutter and the wait to see what had been captured on those 2.5 rolls, amounting to just under 26 images.

For me it was a chance to explore this camera/lens combination *perfection*. The feel and handling of the camera, although cumbersome and a little fiddly for a first timer, the set up being more suited to a studio, actually felt so right in my hands. The pause, the order of preparing the camera and film back, this attention almost became like a meditative state, really helped me to slow down, ensuring the both I and the camera were ready to craft and capture rather than just snap shots. 

The tones and colour rendering are just spot on. The denim is exactly as I remember, if not a little deeper, grungier, more tangible. I really think shooting some form of film really helped when it came to the colouring and look of the digital files, although these are all un-retouched and not colour balanced. There's something I find a little more authentic about these images. Ignoring some of the slightly off composition, 6x7 is different to ratio to 35mm and I'm still learning :')  

I'm excited to shoot more with this combination, and try as many different film. I wonder how this would have looked on Fujifilm Pro H 400 or maybe even a Cinestill film. 

Camera Mamiya RB67 Lens 50mm Film Kodak portra 400.